When should you review your home insurance coverage?

When you own a home, you have a lot to worry about. You’ll have less to worry about when you have the right home insurance. At All-Tex Insurance in Granbury, TX, we are all about reducing homeowners’ worry, and we will work with you to ensure that you have the perfect home insurance for your home and your budget. 

When you renew

Home insurance is not a one-and-done kind of insurance. Things change, and reviewing your policy every year when it is time to renew can keep you updated on coverage. The front page of your policy is the declaration page, a synopsis of your coverage. Look the figures over carefully to ensure you have the coverage you need. Think about any areas that may be under-covered and check your deductibles and possible credits. Doing this review is essential to ensure your coverage is up-to-date. 

When you add things that increase your liability

There are things that you add to your home that increase your liability risk. This includes a pool, a trampoline, and a dog. Some dog breeds are considered so much of a liability that your home insurance does not cover them. 

You add safety equipment

You may be eligible for reductions in your premium when you add a home security system, a hardwired fire alarm system, and other safety equipment. Always let your insurance carrier know when you make any changes. 

When you get expensive jewelry

Check your policy for jewelry coverage and ensure you have an additional rider if you have more than a minimal amount of jewelry. 

When you need home insurance advice or coverage, our agents at All-Tex Insurance in Granbury, TX, are here to provide the services you need. Give our office a call today.