How commercial insurance can save your small business

Every business faces tremendous risks, but small businesses have fewer resources to help them survive these risks. With the correct commercial insurance, many of the risks are survivable. Having commercial insurance that fits your particular business is important. At All-Tex Insurance in Granbury, TX, we will get to know your business, so we can serve you better. 

Benefits of Commercial Insurance

Property insurance

Commercial property insurance is more inclusive than home property insurance. It covers not only the physical building if you are the owner but also the content of the building where you do business and the things you carry around in a vehicle you use for business. Depending on the kind of business that you have, it covers machinery, electronics, office equipment, raw materials, tools, display units, and inventory. It can even cover your records. 

Liability coverage

Getting sued is one of the biggest risks any business faces. Approximately one in three businesses will get sued every year. It can be an unhappy customer, a customer who has got injured at your business or by your product, or a disgruntled employee. Liability insurance will help to pay for any judgment against you and even legal fees.

Business interruption insurance

When your business is forced to close due to a covered peril, it can cause a lot of anxiety. It also stops the flow of income into your business, which may lead to your losing employees. It may be difficult to survive. If you have business interruption insurance, it can provide the cash that you need to keep your bills up to date and your employees paid. It can make the difference between surviving and closing your doors.

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