Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Let's face it; Texas has very litigious residents where you can easily get sued over things that are beyond your control. Well, that doesn't sound so good, but what's worse is that you may end up getting bank loans to pay the legal fees. Fortunately, umbrella insurance is here to sort such a mess for you. At All-Tex Insurance in Granbury, TX, we can help find you a policy that is specially designed to fit your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

What is umbrella insurance?

Excess liability or umbrella insurance covers liability after the necessary policies have been used and depleted. Umbrella insurance also covers legal expenses whenever another party sues you. For instance, let's say you were involved in a car accident where another driver was severely injured. If this driver decided to sue you, your auto insurance would automatically cover this, but if inadequate, umbrella insurance comes in to settle the rest of the bills. Umbrella insurance can be applied anywhere where personal life activities are involved.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

No one is immune to accidents and some, as we mentioned, are beyond our control. Umbrella insurance is highly recommended to any working individual in Texas. Business owners and large asset owners are at higher liability risk and should, therefore, have extra coverage in case of an accident.

Why everyone should get umbrella insurance

All of us need some form of extra coverage. You cannot control the amount of damage that can result in an accident, but you can help get things back to normalcy sooner when you have extra coverage. Most of us have limited budgets when it comes to basic insurance policies like auto, home, and boat insurance. The liability offered by these coverages may not always be adequate, and that's where umbrella insurance comes in.

Remember, umbrella insurance cannot function independently. You will need to make use of your basic policy before turning to umbrella insurance. Let All-Tex Insurance help you find a suitable coverage. For inquiries and policy discussions visit us at Granbury, TX today!