Commercial Umbrella Insurance Overview

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Overview

Umbrella insurance is designed to cover you in severe emergencies. It’s a supplemental form of coverage that steps in once you have reached your liability limits on another type of insurance. Umbrella insurance is often used to assist in home or auto liability disputes. If you are a Granbury, TX business owner, umbrella insurance can help protect your investment. Perhaps a customer is visiting your store, and they slip on a wet spot, tearing ligaments in their knee. Your business is liable for their treatment and rehabilitation. If you don’t have enough liability insurance, your assets are at risk. In this situation, umbrella insurance would step in once you have exhausted your liability limit to protect your investment.

Umbrella insurance can also protect your business if a customer alleges that one of your products or services caused them. Potential litigation may become complicated. Umbrella insurance can prevent you from losing everything. If you are a restaurant owner, and you serve alcohol, you are also vulnerable to potential litigation. Perhaps you serve a patron one too many drinks, and they decide to operate a vehicle later on and cause an accident. Your business may be held liable for the damages. Luckily, umbrella insurance provides a safety net.

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