Renters Insurance in Texas

Like homeowners, renters aren’t immune to theft, accidents, or losing their valuables in a disaster. Renter’s insurance can protect you against these risks and more. If you’re renting a home in Granbury, TX, come to All-Tex Insurance to learn more about the protection that renter’s insurance can provide. Here’s what you can expect from a renter’s policy.

Protection against Accidents

When you invite people to your rental home, condo, or apartment in Granbury, TX, there’s always the risk of someone having an accident. A guest may have a slip and fall, or a neighbor may have a run-in with your dog and require a trip to the hospital. If someone is injured on your property, you’ll probably be held liable for their medical costs. Renter’s liability insurance covers these expenses to save you money out of pocket.

Protection for Your Belongings

Renter’s property insurance protects your belongings against theft or disasters like fire, storm damage, water damage from a leaky roof, etc. If you own expensive items like high-end electronics, posh jewelry or original artwork, imagine what it would cost to replace these on your own if they were stolen or destroyed in a catastrophe. With replacement cost coverage, you’ll have the financial means to replace your goods if they’re stolen or destroyed in a covered peril, without taking off for depreciation.

Compensation for Living Elsewhere After a Disaster

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, and wildfires are common in Texas. If your rental property is devastated by a disaster, you may have to move out while repairs are made. Renter’s additional living expenses coverage helps pay for your living expenses elsewhere until you can move back home. These expenses may include hotel bills, gas money, meals out, etc.

The affordable cost of renter’s insurance makes it a worthwhile investment for renters in Texas who want to protect their interests. To learn more about renter’s insurance or to purchase a policy, contact us at All-Tex Insurance today.