Finding a Policy for a New Driver That Fits Their Needs

Our team at All-Tex Insurance can help residents in Granbury, TX, find high-quality policy options. This support is even more important if you or your teen are a first-time driver. Here’s what you need to know about factors that affect policies and how to mitigate them.

Factors That Affect Policies 

When buying insurance as a first-time driver, you need to pay close attention to the following issues to ensure that you understand why your coverage might seem so high at first:

  • Age: Drivers under 29 often get charged far more or have fewer insurance policies available.
  • Vehicle: Depending on your new car, you might get charged more or require specific policy types.
  • Credit Score: Teens likely have little to no credit score, which affects their insurance. 
  • Gender: Though potentially unfair, male drivers often get charged more than female drivers.
  • Mileage: Cars with high mileage typically need a more expensive policy. 
  • Coverage Types: Depending on your policy, costs and coverage may vary.

Tips for Better Coverage 

Follow these tips to get lower coverage costs and to mitigate your expenses:

  • Bundle Policies: Often, insurance companies provide discounts when teens stay on their parent’s policy.
  • Shopping Around: Spend time seeking different providers and policies to get your needs.
  • Balance Purchase Budget: A lower-cost care is often far easier to insure. 
  • Choose a High Deductible: You can cut back on insurance premiums by raising the deductible. 
  • Pay Upfront: Insurance companies prefer you to pay for your policy in one lump package.

Find a Great Policy

If you’re ready to buy an excellent car insurance policy as a first-time driver or need to help your teen in this search, contact us at All-Tex Insurance, as we serve the Granbury, TX, area. We’ll sit down with you and your teen, discuss what kind of support you need, and ensure you get insured.